Emerald Correctional Management - Duke Project


A collaboration between Duke University and Emerald Correctional Management

Emerald is not just warehousing people. It is creating an environment that supports each resident on a path toward re-joining society as a functional and contributing member. Standard minimum training may meet all of the technical requirements for detention but is not designed to intentionally generate lasting, positive change. Emerald’ s mission is to align its programs, settings, and employees so that together they help create this positive difference. We believe that the people-focused Transformative Prison Project will provide our employees with the education and experiential edge necessary to reduce recidivism, and to instill integrity and self-esteem in our residents – in short, to make that positive difference. Our Correctional Officers are our most important resource in accomplishing our goals, and providing them with this additional skill-set is a key part of our plan to achieve this positive change.

The Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices (CTPP) is taught on site by a five-person training team based at Duke University. It takes place in a series of three-day intensive training modules, each module focusing on a different objective—CO self-care, CO de-escalation skills, and enhancement of the overall function and happiness of facilities. At the end of three modules, after a final assessment, each successful participant is granted a Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices from Duke University. Continuous follow-up visits then reinforce the new skills that have been learned.