Highly Specialized Transportation Services:

Emerald Support Services, LLC (ESS) provides the highly specialized transportation services for its customers around the country.  We offer an array of secure transportation services, with a fleet comprised of secure transport vehicles and secure commercial coaches necessary to meet any customer’s transportation needs safely and securely. Our transport operation centers throughout the United States move more than 7,000 inmates and detainees monthly depending on customer need.

ESS destinations include detention facilities, federal holding sites, deportation staging sites, JPAT departure locations and other designated locations required by our local, state, and federal clients. ECM’s secure transportation is operated in accordance with all jurisdictional regulations and directives and is licensed by the Federal Department of Transportation.

Emerald has the equipment, experience and personnel to perform any type of detainee or inmate transport. Our transportation services are always available, and we help our customers with cost saving solutions that meet all of their transportation needs. Emerald currently has 25 buses and 29 vans that successfully traveled over 1 million miles in 2015.

Emerald Companies - Transportation Services