Inmate Family Services – Visitation

Visiting a loved one at a facility can make you nervous, but we want to help alleviate the stress and nervousness that the visitation can bring so that your time spent with your loved one is enjoyed as much as possible.

We have a few tips and instructions for you before your visit.

Making Sure You Are Approved

Upon arrival at some of our facilities each resident/detainee is given a visitation list. It is the resident/detainee’s responsibility to list all the individuals who will visit him/her on their list. The visitors will be required to verify their identity once they arrive for their visit.

Residents/detainees need to inform their family and friends that they must call at least day in advance to make an appointment for visitation according to the posted schedule. To make an appointment, please contact the facility that you wish to visit. Contact information for each facility is listed here.

You are allowed to bring money to the facilities to purchase items from the vending machines.


Anyone 16 years of age or older can be placed on the visitation list. Anyone 17 years of age or younger, must be accompanied by a person(s) 18 years of age or older who is on the visitation list.

Documents Needed for a Visit

Driver’s License

State I.D.

Other identification that has a photograph

What to Wear

What you wear to a visit is important. Everyone must comply with the dress code of our facilities.

The dress code guidelines to follow are:

  • Skirts, dresses and shorts must extend to your mid-thigh when seated
  • No sheer clothing
  • No revealing shirts. This includes bare midriffs, strapless tops, halter-tops, tank tops and bathing suits.
  • Only closed-toe shoes are allowed and must be worn at all times.
  • No gang colors or obscene messages on your clothing.
  • All visitors are required to walk through and clear the metal detector.

No weapons, cell phones, cameras or other personal property will be allowed to enter the facility. When entering the facility the only items that you can have with you are your ID, car keys, and money (if you will be depositing it for the resident/detainee).

A resident/detainee is not allowed to accept any items from visitors unless the Warden gives written pre-approval. If you have a child, you are allowed to bring in two diapers and one bottle. All persons and property entering the facility are subject to search.


Emerald Correctional Management does not provide any transportation for visitors.

For more information or instructions please contact the specific facility you plan to visit.