Emerald Overview

Emerald Correctional Management, LLC is dedicated to providing the latest solutions in detention services. Emerald was founded in 1996, and has consistently Solid Secure Solutions to local, state, and federal agencies, as well as international clients through each of its operating divisions. These divisions, Emerald Correctional Management,  Emerald Support Services and  Emerald Healthcare Systems offer a full spectrum of design, construction, management, operation,  maintenance, transportation and health care services within a variety of correctional settings. Emerald currently provides these services to four Federal agencies, state department of corrections, as well as various cities and county jurisdictions.

Each division of Emerald Companies is directed by a member of the corporate management team. This seasoned executive staff has more than 200 years of operational experience within their respective area of expertise and each brings unique capabilities that, together with other members of the organization, give Emerald the proficiency, experience and impeccable credentials to effectively develop, implement and manage any correctional need with a cost-effective solution.

For 20 years, Emerald has partnered with the government entities we serve to provide Solid Secure Solutions, quality care, treatment, and programs in a cost effective correctional environment. We seek new partnerships and invite further discussion on our ability to explore and demonstrate innovative state of the art solutions to meet your detention service need.