On October 27, 2016 we celebrated a wonderful event with the graduation of our first IN2WORK Food Certification Program at the San Luis Regional Detention Center and Support Center! Two of the graduates from IN2WORK graduated from the Turning Point Program, as well.

It was hard work and a long journey, but a huge accomplishment for them in the end. They felt proud of their accomplishments, as did the representatives from the BIA who attended the ceremony.

The graduates received diplomas for their accomplishments, along with a hand-delivered letter from Darren Cruzan, Director, Office of Justice Services for BIA.

All in attendance were in “awe” with what they witnessed and were extremely complimentary.

After the ceremony, a seated lunch was served by the graduates and consisted of fancy green beans, a special salad, mashed potatoes with gravy, meat loaf and a dinner roll.  There was also a fabulous dessert assortment that included chocolate-covered strawberries.

There will be an article in the American Jail Association that will include pictures of what we are doing for those from Indian Country; the theme will be, if it can be done at the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center/Emerald, given the multiple layers of partners we have i.e. the BIA, City of San Luis support, and additional jurisdictions housed here, it can be done!



The staff at the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center came together to support Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and participate in the Red Ribbon Parade.

Sgt. Arellano, Martha Combs, Officer Mejia, Officer Abasta, Officer Vasquez, Officer Quintero and Officer Escobosa promoted D.A.R.E. awareness through communication and interaction with the youth of Somerton, AZ.

The D.A.R.E. program provides children and youth the importance of living a drug and violence free life. On behalf of the SLDC, we would like to extend our gratitude to the City of Somerton and Cocopah Police Department for their invitation.

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ARAMARK has enabled Emerald to follow out its vision of “Managing a safe, secure environment, while meeting the needs of our stakeholders (which includes our residents); encouraging an environment that promotes humility, respect, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and an eventual successful reintegration of our residents back into their community”, stated Warden Rivas from the SLRDC.

The IN2WORK program trains inmates in proper food production skills. At the close of the training, a test, approved by the National Restaurant Association, certifying satisfactory completion of its nationally recognized ServeSafe program is administered. These skills are crucial in helping inmates gain skills that contribute to a more successful transition back into society upon their release.

This program, together with the Turning Point Program, promotes employment opportunities for the residents that were not there before. “We promoted this opportunity, without the knowledge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). When they heard of it, news spread throughout the country, including Washington, D.C. They were astounded and pleased! On October 27th, we will celebrate our first graduation from the IN2WORK Food Service Certification Program with nine proud graduates. There will be six of our partners from the BIA in attendance, in addition to folks from our community (City of San Luis)”, said Warden Rivas.

The response from the program participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The participants had to apply to the program, like you would any job. They were interviewed and went through a selection process. The participants have been dedicated to the program, which shows in their high test scores.



On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center (SLDC) participated in the City of San Luis Safety Event. The event is focused on bringing law enforcement agencies together to promote safety and awareness to the community. Emerald Correctional Management donated three bicycles and helmets to be raffled to children.

Lt. Parra, Sgt. Gonzalez, Lt. Gutierrez, Officer Torres, Officer Torres, Martha Combs, Emergency Response Team member, Officer Mejia, and Warden Rivas took part of this event.

A display of tactical gear and an equipped vehicle allowed the community to view the equipment we use at our detention center.

On behalf of Emerald Correctional Management, we would like to extend our appreciation for making us a part of the Safety Event.



On Saturday, September 17, 2016, employees from the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center participated in the International Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting the Arizona Special Olympics.

Lt. E. Zavala and Sgt. Martinez, along with Officers J. Siqueiros, E. Olivarria, P. Pena, F. Bustamante, and A. Holguin participated in the 5K Run to promote awareness and funds for the Special Olympics. Law enforcement officials from over 15 different countries participated in the event. The International Law Enforcement Torch Run is conducted on a yearly basis to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

Emerald Correctional Management was also recognized by the city of San Luis for its fundraising efforts.

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“SAN LUIS, Ariz – The city recently honored area businesses and nonprofit organizations for their financial support of the San Luis Police Department’s fundraising efforts to benefit Arizona Special Olympics.

The businesses and organizations were financial sponsors of the Joe Orduño & Fernando Padilla Memorial Run and the Poker Run bike race, which collectively raised more than $18,000 for Special Olympics.

 Special Olympics uses the money for physical fitness programs and athletic competitions for special needs residents from around Arizona.

The top financial sponsors of the police department’s fundraising events were San Luis International Freight Services, Century 21 Action Group, RL Jones Insurance, A. Oceguera Company, Alexander Ford, Emerald Correctional Management, Adobe Eyecare Center, Regional Center for Border Health, Taylor Farms, Ochylsky Enterprises/Little Caesar’s Pizza, Fisher Automotive, San Luis Mobile Estate Partners and Advanced Call Technology Center.

 Each received plaques of recognition, presented by San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez on behalf of the city and police department.

The five-kilometer memorial run is named for Joe Orduño, a San Luis police officer killed in a 1986 traffic accident while responding to an emergency call, and for Fernando Padilla, a San Luis resident who died in Iraq in 2003 while serving with the Army.

The police department stages the run and the 10-mile bike race annually to benefit Special Olympics. Earlier this year, Special Olympics recognized the city and department for being among the top 10 benefactors in Arizona to the organization.”

Link to the story in the Yuma Sun:

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LAFAYETTE, LA, August 18, 2016 – Emerald Correctional Management, LLC is a small operations company focused on providing a safe environment where the lives of our Employees, and the Residents in our care, are uplifted/improved. Our goal and vision is to make a positive difference in the lives that we touch.

For example, we have collaborated with Duke University in the development of the Transformative Prison Program. Together, Duke and Emerald are implementing this groundbreaking training and operating plan in our facilities.  The Transformative Prison Program exceeds the minimum training requirements for our Employees, and it focuses on behavioral training to reduce conflict, and promote a positive impact on the Residents. We believe this Vision and this program will lead the corrections industry (both public and private) in reducing recidivism, and improving lives.

We have no contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and therefore do not believe we are affected by their current announcement.


Emerald Correctional Management, LLC designs, builds, operates and maintains jail and detention centers.  WE ARE NOT THE BIGGEST – but we are diverse, innovative, flexible and responsive. We utilize leading edge smart technology customized for the real-world correctional environment. Typically our management contracts run for 10 to 20 years.  If you want to warehouse your detainees, Emerald is not the company you want.  But if you want to make a difference – YOU HAVE A CHOICE! We are changing the culture in privatization.

Media Contact: Maitlyn Terry

Tel: (210) 865-6062


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Emerald is not just warehousing people, but creating an environment that lifts and supports each resident on a path towards joining society as a functional and contributing member. Standard minimum training may meet all of the technical requirements, but we feel that is not enough to have an impact – to make a positive change.  Emerald’s mission is to make a difference. We believe that the people focused Transformative Prison Program will provide our employees with the edge that is needed to reduce recidivism, and instill integrity and self-esteem in our residents – in short, to make a difference.  Our CO’s are our most important resource inaccomplishing our goal and providing them with this additional skill set is a key part of our success in making a difference.

The Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices (CTPP) is taught on site by a five person training team, from Duke University, in a series of three-day intensive training modules. There is a total of nine training days done in three different training modules. Each module focuses on a different objective. At the end of module III there is a final assessment and each participant is granted a  Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices from Duke University. There are continuous follow up visits and reinforcement of skills and training.

Carroll Promotion


On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Major Thomas Carroll was promoted to Assistant Warden. Carroll retired from the Arizona Department of Corrections after serving over 20 years as Chief of Security.

Since coming to the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center in April 2016, he has demonstrated his extensive skills and knowledge in corrections.

“He has successfully transitioned his correctional and security management expertise to our facility. He is a proven leader, highly regarded and respected by all our staff, agencies and inmate/detainee population” stated Warden David Rivas.

We would like to congratulate Assistant Warden Thomas Carroll for his promotion and accomplishments.



Lieutenant E. Zavala and HR Manager Martha Combs from our San Luis Regional Detention Center visited the Cannon Air Defense Complex at the Marine Corps Air Station, based in Yuma, AZ, and spoke with dozens of active duty U.S. Marines. The marines were departing from the military and Lt. Zavala and Ms. Combs introduced the potential correctional career opportunities that are outside of the Armed Forces.

Lt. Zavala, a U.S. Marine veteran, discussed his personal experience working in corrections and the endless career opportunities in law enforcement. The San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center extended an invitation that allows active Marines the opportunity to tour the facility, in hopes to promoting correctional careers after serving in the military and to establish positive rapport for future collaboration. Emerald prides itself in its support of all veterans and the career opportunities that they extend to them at all of our facilities.

The SLRDSC would like to extend our gratitude to the Cannon Air Defense Complex and MCAS Yuma for the invitation and hospitality.