The Prairieland Detention Center is Emerald Correctional Management’s newest facility located in Alvarado, Texas.



Warden Marcello Villegas joined Emerald Correctional Management in March 2003. As the Warden, Mr. Villegas has the responsibility for the operation, management, security and control of the facility.

Warden Villegas has held several positions within Emerald, including Chief of Security, Captain of Transport, Lieutenant, Sargent and Correctional Officer. He holds many certifications, and has a superior record for exceptional jail inspections.

Attorney Visit Information:

Attorney Visits are Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 and 5. Attorneys will be allowed a maximum of 1 hour per visit.

Steps for Attorneys:

  1. An Attorney must setup an account on
    1. An email and phone number are required to set up the account.
    2. Once completed the Attorney must contact the facility prior to scheduling a visit. If this step is skipped the visits may be recorded and will not be scheduled as Free visits.
    3. Contact the facility at 817-409-3995, Monday – Friday 8 to 5. Ask for the Programs Department. A Case Manager will take the information.
  1. To schedule a visit log on to your account on
    1. Choose Schedule a Visit.
    2. Choose Prairieland Detention Center from site list
    3. Choose the Detainee you want to visit
      1. For the first time you will have to type in the Detainee’s name
      2. For each subsequent visit the Detainee’s name will appear on your contact list. Click on the Detainee’s name.
    4. Choose a date and time from the available list.
      1. For the first time visiting a Detainee select ‘Suggest Visit time’
      2. For each subsequent visit select ‘Book Visit Now’
    5. Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. If you schedule a same day visit the detainee will not be available.
    6. Free Visits may not be scheduled more than a week in advance.