On October 27, 2016 we celebrated a wonderful event with the graduation of our first IN2WORK Food Certification Program at the San Luis Regional Detention Center and Support Center! Two of the graduates from IN2WORK graduated from the Turning Point Program, as well.

It was hard work and a long journey, but a huge accomplishment for them in the end. They felt proud of their accomplishments, as did the representatives from the BIA who attended the ceremony.

The graduates received diplomas for their accomplishments, along with a hand-delivered letter from Darren Cruzan, Director, Office of Justice Services for BIA.

All in attendance were in “awe” with what they witnessed and were extremely complimentary.

After the ceremony, a seated lunch was served by the graduates and consisted of fancy green beans, a special salad, mashed potatoes with gravy, meat loaf and a dinner roll.  There was also a fabulous dessert assortment that included chocolate-covered strawberries.

There will be an article in the American Jail Association that will include pictures of what we are doing for those from Indian Country; the theme will be, if it can be done at the San Luis Regional Detention and Support Center/Emerald, given the multiple layers of partners we have i.e. the BIA, City of San Luis support, and additional jurisdictions housed here, it can be done!