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Emerald is not just warehousing people, but creating an environment that lifts and supports each resident on a path towards joining society as a functional and contributing member. Standard minimum training may meet all of the technical requirements, but we feel that is not enough to have an impact – to make a positive change.  Emerald’s mission is to make a difference. We believe that the people focused Transformative Prison Program will provide our employees with the edge that is needed to reduce recidivism, and instill integrity and self-esteem in our residents – in short, to make a difference.  Our CO’s are our most important resource inaccomplishing our goal and providing them with this additional skill set is a key part of our success in making a difference.

The Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices (CTPP) is taught on site by a five person training team, from Duke University, in a series of three-day intensive training modules. There is a total of nine training days done in three different training modules. Each module focuses on a different objective. At the end of module III there is a final assessment and each participant is granted a  Certificate in Transformative Prison Practices from Duke University. There are continuous follow up visits and reinforcement of skills and training.