Chairman of the Board – Emerald Companies

Sam YoungbloodSam Youngblood is the Chairman of the Board and Sole Owner of Emerald Correctional Management. Mr. Youngblood purchased Emerald in 2015. He oversees strategic planning and project development, and works closely with the CEO on all matters of positioning and strategy.

Mr. Youngblood is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Accounting. He has devoted more than 35 years to the security industry.

Mr. Youngblood served as CEO of Southern Steel Company and was the founder of ADTEC, where he invented, developed and mass-produced electromechanical locking systems for the security industry’s North American market. Mr. Youngblood was the founder of ISI Security (largest US correctional security integration contractor) in 1990, and he served as CEO until 2012. Mr. Youngblood was involved in 20 acquisitions and major banking transactions while serving as the CEO of ISI. ISI eventually merged with Argyle Security making it a publicly traded company.

Mr. Youngblood is a member of the Board of Visitors of Duke Divinity School, he serves on the board of directors of Alpha Home in San Antonio, which is the largest women’s recovery center in South Texas, and he is a member of the Board of Directors of MACOR, a non-profit group that provides educational trips to Israel for young preachers.

Mr. Youngblood is a pioneer of the corrections industry. He has a passion in creating environments that strengthen people’s faith, as well as an interest in entrepreneurial opportunities to help people. He brings his passions to his business.